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I'd rather have the crack dealers to be honest, at least they're discreet

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Jan. 25th, 2010 | 10:05 pm

Tennent's backs minimum alcohol price policy
The head of one of Scotland's biggest alcohol brands has backed controversial moves for minimum pricing for alcohol.

Mike Lees, the managing director of Tennent's Caledonian, said the policy could be "part of the solution" for dealing with alcohol misuse.

...Mr Lees said his firm welcomed "sensible moves" to ensure alcohol is "enjoyed appropriately".
For Tennent's to play the Ethical Corporate Citizen here is quite breathtaking. Tennent's Super anyone? Like all of the superstrength cans, a drug deliberately aimed at street drinkers, with a strength and price per unit that's calculated to allow people to stop withdrawal symptoms for long enough to get together enough money for the next tin. I'm not in favour of minimum pricing on alcohol at all but cynically exploiting people who've got into trouble with the booze, and making sure they stay there, is evil.

If anything I'd say that they were interested in raising the price of white cider, which is significantly cheaper than superstrength beers right now and so must be hurting their bottom line.

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