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Soft-cover Moleskine pocket notebook - the verdict

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Feb. 23rd, 2009 | 10:19 pm

So, my soft cover pocket Moleskine is almost used up now, so I think I can reasonably state the pros and cons.


  • It won't break if it's in your back pocket and you sit down. On the other hand, I've never had this happen with a hard cover one either.

  • The cover doesn't get bent into odd angles from being in odd positions in your pocket or bag, or rather it does, it just doesn't make any difference. I have had pocket hardcovers get oddly twisted, at least enough to annoy me, and felt obliged to twist them back, which never works. In retrospect I should just have left them pressed underneath something heavy overnight.

  • It's slightly lighter and less bulky.

  • The cover being thinner means that you can paperclip things to it.


  • It's distinctly harder to write in it with no solid surface to lean on. You can fold it back on itself, which works reasonably well, but is probably the reason why I have encountered the next con. (This is more of an issue for the pocket ones - if you are using a mid-sized A5-ish notebook, or larger, you probably mostly write on it at a table or desk anyway rather than when standing up, though you should be aware that the soft cover makes it harder to write on when it's, say, on your knee.)

  • I had trouble with the back pages coming away from the binding. This may be to do with my folding it in half at the beginning for extra pages behind the current one to press on - it's not that soft. This book now has a lot of Scotch tape holding the back cover and back couple of pages to the rest.


On balance the cons slightly outweigh the pros for me, so my next pocket notebook (I have already bought a replacement) is a hardcover squared reporter-style. However, before I start with that, I am going to try using an A5 hardcover non-reporter which my stepmother gave me, on the basis that I usually have a bag with me to keep it in and when I don't, I have an iPod Touch that can be used to store notes and add calendar entries, and also while walking or standing or in any position - even, badly, with one hand.

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from: anonymous
date: Feb. 25th, 2009 09:49 am (UTC)

Well reviewing Moleskins beats working for a living I suppose ... you really should get a job with them and combine business with pleasure!

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