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Very conceptual again

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Jul. 20th, 2008 | 10:10 am
music: the Archers Omnibus

Somebody somewhere not too far away from me had a massive party involving the very, very loud playing of drum and bass (sometimes with MCs) last night. It didn't wake me up - one good thing about my sleeping behaviour, I have to say, is that I don't wake up to stupid noise that doesn't make a difference but wake up immediately to things like, say, someone coming into my room.

However, one bad thing about my sleeping behaviour at the moment is that I tend to wake up at odd times of the morning, probably the booze, and I can rarely go back to sleep at the best of times, particularly in the summer with sunlight. Very very loud drum and bass and MCs shouting into mics and also lots of people wandering around the street and swearing at each other by the sound of it don't help. It was in full swing at dawn, and by the time it had quietened down a bit (by 8 there was only the faint sound of someone still listening to some CDs) I just had no chance.

So I predict a lot of wandering around randomly today and bumping into things. I've already poured a load of ground coffee on the kitchen floor. Someone is coming round to talk about editing a website I'm doing for him later, too. Luckily a friend.

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