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caroline miniscule commentary

Jun. 22nd, 2010 | 10:45 pm

I'm quite glad I took up a relatively inexpensive hobby recently; there is VAT on fountain pens and ink, but they're both relatively inexpensive, or at least the ink is. You can do without quite a lot of this; dip pens are cheaper, Quink works perfectly well and paper can be bought cheaper than that.

* Book on calligraphy from library - £0.00 (while libraries survive)
* Black & Red A4 hardbacked wirebound book for practice - £4.49
* Calligraphy nib 1.9mm - £4.00
* Lamy Safari fountain pen - £9.95
* Diamine Amaranth ink, 80ml - £5.95

the tories are bastards

I'm only just learning you know. I hope to be able to produce some really extravagantly pretty statements on similar lines, shortly.

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