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For the culinary record

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Dec. 25th, 2009 | 09:02 pm

Sushi rolls made with tortillas because you have no seaweed have considerably greater structural strength than those made more traditionally. On the other hand it's surprising how much taste a tortilla has, and that taste is not all that appropriate to sushi rolls.

The potential that this has raised for me now is for "mex-sushi", which is basically a tortilla wrap but with stickier rice and rolled like a sushi roll. Think of a standard roll, but with, say, strips of beef and pepper in the middle, and with sour cream and chilli sauce inside too. I think that avenue is definitely worth going down, or at least peering down while standing at the well-lit corner with Sensible Street.

Here is a bad webcam picture of an over-exposed Instax picture of a cat called Piper wondering what the hell I am doing trying to make sushi with tortillas:

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