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Ed Ruscha

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Nov. 21st, 2009 | 11:26 pm

The exhibition was of work by Ed Ruscha, who has been painting for 50 years apparently. Or more in fact, as the earliest painting there was from 1958 and I assume that it wasn't the first time he ever slapped paint on canvas.

It's an interesting exhibition if you are interested in signage, typography and pop art, which I am. I wouldn't say to be honest that I thought all of the work there was great. I like his early work more than his later, I think, based on his collection; it's mostly very simple but also amazingly tactile for paintings basically composed of words. I was entranced by his
early "BOSS" painting, which up close looks like a chocolate cake, and in my notebook I wrote about "Sand In The Vaseline" (painted in egg yolk on moiré) "Really want to touch this!".

Other pieces I thought were really just piss-artistry or going down the wrong route of an idea; I could usually see what he was trying to do, or what I thought he was trying to do, just didn't think it was really working. Occasionally I couldn't see what he was trying to do but didn't feel it was saying anything to me, whatever it was.

One thing I did note was that there was always something in every room which made me laugh. For instance I laughed out loud at


Oh, here's a couple of items of swag that I picked up from the gift shop, neither anything to do with Ed Ruscha:

Cubist mug Large notebook
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from: kmpls
date: Nov. 22nd, 2009 12:45 am (UTC)

I love Ed Ruscha! I saw an exhibit of his in DC or Baltimore within the last year or so. I was introduced to his work by my graphic designer friend.

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