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Nov. 11th, 2009 | 09:18 pm

Oh, and NaNoWriMo - my consistent yearly piece of failure. I did actually start doing some interactive fiction NaNoWriMo this time, which was something I vaguely thought of for last year, and then squirmelia reminded me of. On the comments on this post I speculated that writing it in Ren'Py might be an idea, but I ended up with Inform, as I know Inform quite well.

While there's obviously a massive temptation to fiddle with the technical details of an IF NNWM in a way which doesn't increase your word count, there's an added bonus if you calculate the word count in the way that I am, which is to count all the potential dialog and object description as well as all of the room descriptions. What this means is that you can go off at random tangents about random items without it disrupting what narrative there is, as opposed to a normal novel where one might feel that spending five hundred words describing a notebook would bore the reader - because nobody will ever see that unless they type "examine notebook". IF is actually *better*, in my opinion, with this sort of drill-down detail.

I almost certainly will get nowhere near 50,000 words here as I'm incredibly busy at the moment, but it's an interesting thing to try.

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