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Guildhall Eagle Notebook News

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Sep. 4th, 2009 | 08:30 pm

I have ordered a Guildhall Pocket Notebook. It looks much like a Moleskine and operates much like one (or, much like any other pocket-sized notebook made out of paper really) apart from this:

in half! look!

Yes, it has a spine which actually lets the book fold in half, and stops it bloody breaking near the end of the notebook like Moleskines do when you treat them like I do. Or, at least, that's the theory.

I'm nowhere near finishing my current notebook but I'm bored of it already, which is a bad sign. I've already filled a pocket reporter squared Moleskine and now I've got another one to fill ooh wow.

I find that it's a bad sign when I go through a week writing down only a couple of things in a week in my notebook. It may mean that I haven't had any thoughts that need recording, which is worrying, or that I haven't had time to record the ones I have had, which is returning to the state of affairs that I was in before I carried a notebook and made a point of writing things down in it - in other words, where I wandered through life having ideas and forgetting them. (The explanations "I've been having too much fun to write anything" and "I've been recording all my ideas in another format" are unfortunately not the case.)


As well as that I've been investigating EagleFiler again, which is a Mac note-recording-stuffbox sort of application that has a simplicity in its basic method of operation which both attracts me and makes me think it's pointless. EagleFiler is, basically, a clever interface to the filesystem; one creates "libraries" of information with tags and indexes and folders and smart folders and all that, and can import things into the libraries, take clippings from other applications, make quick notes, associate notes with items etc.

The thing is though that it cleverly does this whilst keeping all of the documents in standard formats within a normal filesystem set of directories, which makes me think "why on earth don't I just do this with the normal filesystem?" It's far more powerful and convenient in many ways but also less so sometimes - to add a document one has to import it deliberately rather than just drop it into one of the folders there, for instance.

It does make me look at a program like Yojimbo, which I've been using for a while, and think "why have everything stored in an awkward incompatible database?" But the elegance of its core idea also makes me challenge the point of paying $40 for it. In contrast, my most currently used organising program, Circus Ponies Notebook, really does offer a significant difference to just organising files on your own and putting them in sensible folders and setting up searches. Ah well. I may buy it anyway.

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from: anonymous
date: Sep. 9th, 2009 12:45 pm (UTC)

Cheers for that, fellow stationery fiend. Have ordered a couple.

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