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Jul. 26th, 2009 | 12:09 am

Self-serving warmongering hateful cynical bastards.

Oldest WW1 veteran, now dead:
He was in the trenches at Ypres between June and September 1917, where he and his gang of five machine gunners made a pact not to kill an enemy soldier if they could help it: they would aim for the legs.

In September 1917, a shell exploded above Patch's head, killing three of his comrades; he was hit by shrapnel in the lower abdomen, but survived. Every year since then Harry would remember that day.

"He would just lock himself away and remember his friends," said author Max Arthur, whose 2005 book Last Post documented the words from the last 21 survivors of the war. "Last week, there was just one; now there is no one alive who has seen what Harry saw in the trenches. Harry said it was just the most depressing place on earth, hell with a lid on," he said...

...Patch fervently believed war was "organised murder". "It was not worth it," he said. "It was not worth one, let alone all the millions."

Shut up you bastard:
the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt

"...we give thanks for his life - as well as those of his comrades - for upholding the same values and freedom that we continue to cherish and fight for today."
Shut up, shut up, Dannatt, Brown, the lot of you with your righteous military myths and your politicians' excuses for it all. It's an evil fucking business and you're at the damn front making sure it happens, your propaganda using people who would hate your guts, your exploitation of the ones who managed amazingly to survive your predecessors. You bastards.

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The Princess of Id

(no subject)

from: danaseilhan
date: Aug. 3rd, 2009 01:56 pm (UTC)

Holy shit, NO HE DIDN'T. I saw that piece about Patch in the paper. I felt incredibly sad. I didn't know any of the WWI vets were still alive.

I found out my maternal grandfather's brother Jessie, who died in WWII, may have been killed in Belgium. Interesting. I believe they brought his remains back to the States, though.

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