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gadget inevitability

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Dec. 27th, 2008 | 09:04 pm

I'm looking at various options for buying an EEE 901 on the net at the moment, and I know where that leads. Once I start browsing like this, I end up buying whatever it is I'm browsing for eventually, and by saying "oh well maybe I should think carefully about it" I just end up having the gadget for less time overall.

My current EEE 701 works perfectly well, but the size of the drive is a bit of a pain. I have installed "essential packages" (Java, the GIMP, you know, vital stuff on a seven-inch netbook) and this leaves me with about 30 meg spare, which is not a lot. Also, and this won't mean much except to penguin-huggers, the Xandros distro that it comes with has some bizarrely sparse and old choices of libraries which mean that you can't even run a lot of stuff, let alone compile it (no gcc or make on a two gig SSD) and because most of the system is on a read-only partition for easy restoring, you can't mess with it too much without eating up valuable space. (Oh, and the battery - the 901 has a big fat battery that runs for ages, whereas the 701 only runs for 2.5 - 3 hours.)

It's still quite fine for general net browsing and a bit of word processing and I shall likely hand it on to a member of my family should I get a 901. I suppose I shall have to clean all the crumbs out of the keyboard first. Bah.

The black 901 is an enviable piece of kit appearance-wise, by the way. A woman from the BBC I think had one at the Virtual Worlds Forum that I went to, and it made me feel terribly clumsy with my Macbook Pro, which is an unusual sensation where Macs are concerned.

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from: muppethex
date: Dec. 28th, 2008 02:16 pm (UTC)

2GB? that's mad.

I'm running kubuntu quite happily off a 8GB CF card with a little adaptor to connect it to the IDE slot. Seems that the larger cards have faster access times because the chips are interleaved in parallel, so maybe with smaller cards you couldn't get good enough performance.

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