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hostile environment

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Dec. 15th, 2008 | 12:30 pm

Ridiculous in both "amusing" and "outrageous" forms:
When climate camp protesters descended on the site of the Kingsnorth power station for a week-long summer demonstration, the scale of the police operation to cope with them was enormous.

Police were accused of using aggressive tactics, confiscating everything from toilet rolls and board games to generators and hammers. But ministers justified what they called the "proportionate" £5.9m cost of the operation, pointing out that 70 officers had been injured in the course of their duties.

But data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act puts a rather different slant on the nature of those injuries, disclosing that not one was sustained in clashes with demonstrators.
Only four of the 12 reportable injuries involved any contact with protesters at all and all were at the lowest level of seriousness with no further action taken.

The other injuries reported included "stung on finger by possible wasp"; "officer injured sitting in car"; and "officer succumbed to sun and heat". One officer cut his arm on a fence when climbing over it, another cut his finger while mending a car, and one "used leg to open door and next day had pain in lower back".

A separate breakdown of the 33 patients treated by the police tactical medicine unit at the climate camp shows that three officers had succumbed to heat exhaustion, three had toothache, six were bitten by insects, and others had diarrhoea, had cut their finger or had headaches.
"Possible wasp"? Anyway, yes, it's all very funny but perhaps in future can we not see all of the "baby-eating environmental anarchists with samurai swords" propaganda repeated verbatim or even embellished in the press, and perhaps just a bit more examination of the political motives and general use of anti-terrorism legislation to harass demonstrators? No? Oh go on.

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from: anonymous
date: Dec. 15th, 2008 02:16 pm (UTC)

I read the article in The Guardian and I just couldn't believe it!

Perhaps it is all coded:

stung by wasp = white anglo-saxon protestant brushed past me

injured sitting in car = I was trying to handcuff a woman and shove her in the car because she looked at me in a funny way and I fell over and hit my knee on the gearstick so it's her fault

succumbed to sun and heat = I took my hat off because it was so hot and I got sunburn on my head so its the protestors fault as I wouldn't have got sunburn if I hadn't had to be there

cut arm whilst climbing over fence - it was time for my dinner so I took the quick way home - it wouldn't have happened if the protestors hadn't been there

cut finger whilst mending car = I was putting barbed wire round the car so that we could rush the buggers who were sitting there staring at us so it's their fault

used leg to open door and strained back - well, now here I have to sympathise with the guy, I did just the same thing closing the dishwasher so I'll give him that one! But really, the health and safety guys will have to give you retraining PC Plod

What REALLY bothers me is the three who had toothache - the Daily Mail should be taking this up NOW - it's a real scandal. So few NHS dentists hundreds of our wonderful police force are having to report for duty with toothache.

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