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fridgemagnet is...

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Nov. 11th, 2008 | 11:57 pm

...ripping DVDs of The Wire Season One, which is criminally unwatched by myself, to put on my newly-bought iPod Touch.

I am extremely bad at watching things which I really should watch. Pretty much anything that I am guaranteed to like, I won't watch until everybody else in the world has seen it and stopped bothering about posting spoilers. In this case, my friends got so annoyed with my not having seen the Wire that one very generous person actually bought me the DVD set of Season One, which I can only thank him for and also make sure that I do watch it. The easiest way of making sure this happens seems to be by putting it on my iPod - this has worked in the past.

I bought the iPod, by the way, as an early birthday present to myself and also as a reason to go to the Westfield shopping centre nearby.

I am not a fan of enormous mall type places. They are just wrong. They are like real places, only they are made out of shops. Westfield doesn't seem all that bad, being much more open than a lot of places, but it is still wrong. I'll grant that I did spend a lot of time in the King Of Prussia mall when I lived near there a few years ago but really, as millions of teenagers have discovered, there's cock all else to do when you live in the suburbs.

What is more, there is an Apple Store in Westfield. I went with the intention of buying a mouse for my laptop and maybe a new bag and also perhaps I could take a look at the iPods, and left without a mouse or bag but with a 16 gig iPod Touch. So it goes. This is what Apple Stores do, that is their purpose.

They seem to have moved away from the idea of having actual counters there. I was a bit confused as to how I was actually going to be able to buy the thing, but what they have is a quantity of staff in light blue shirts wandering around with portable credit card machines (the expectation being, I assume, that nobody's going to have enough cash to buy anything in the shop) who are meant to spot when you look like you're going to buy something and pounce. This didn't work in my case: I ended up going to an orange-shirted (and thus non-retail) member of staff and saying "er, I'd like to buy something, how do I do that?" Apple do have proven skills in eliminating unnecessary user interface steps, but not telling anyone about it might be going too far. Like restaurants where the staff keep your wine bottles and top you up whenever your glass is running low, the on-demand process requires a high proportion of staff to customers, and when it fails can be very annoying.

Anyway I have an iPod Touch now which is very nice and also has decent task applications now; I am using Things on the desktop at the moment, which has a syncing iPhone/Touch version. Apart from ripping TV episodes to put on it I am also covering it with greasy fingerprints. Soon, it will be very well insulated against the winter cold.

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from: anonymous
date: Nov. 12th, 2008 09:36 am (UTC)

I will have to be surgically amputated from my (now old, non-3G) iPhone even though it has a totally, totally crap battery life - so bad that I carry around my very, very, very old Nokia with a Tesco SIM as backup - and frequently have to use it. I just love its interface and for that I forgive it everything.

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