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Prop 8 and googlespam

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Nov. 3rd, 2008 | 08:25 pm

A couple of people on my friends list have complained independently about Google ads for the "Yes For Prop 8" campaign appearing in very inappropriate locations. (Prop 8 is apparently a proposal to change the Californian constitution to ban same-sex marriage.) A little googling for this reveals a piece on Techcrunch where people are saying the same. Arrington may be a bit of a dick sometimes but it is good to see he's dead against this sort of thing.

My theory is that Prop 8 proponents are deliberately misclassifying their adverts to make sure that they appear on the greatest possible number of sites, regardless of whether those sites are interested in political ads and particularly, homophobic political ads. In which case, Google (whose CEO has publicly stated his opposition to Prop 8 anyway) may well say that this is abuse and shut them down. If they're going to do something they'll need to do it soon for it to have any real effect, though, as, you know, there's a big vote tomorrow, in case anyone hadn't noticed.

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