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Archival complete, spurs reminiscence

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Sep. 7th, 2008 | 08:08 pm

I found the SQL dump of my old Wordpress blog from 2006, started a new install of Wordpress on the current server for my site and uploaded the tables. Well, it wasn't quite as simple as that actually. Wordpress has gone through a few changes recently, it appears; some columns don't mean the same thing, and I had a couple in my old posts file that don't exist any more. The way categories work seems to have changed entirely as well.

So, some buggering around was necessary before I could actually insert all the files, and I had to change users, and change all the entry types to "post" before they would show... but, well, it wasn't too hard, though it probably would have scared the crap out of me a year ago. I am more confident with SQL now and don't mind dropping columns, globally updating values and all that. Confidence is the important thing here rather than actual skill, it's all rather simple.

I even got all the comments too. I've closed them, I really don't need the hassle of dealing with comment spam and people who don't look at dates on blog posts. "Hey u loser u paid $2000 for that piece of crap?" Yes dear, that is what they cost five years ago. Anyway, it's all at http://www.fridgemagnet.org.uk/blog/, apart from the categories.

Of course when it came to actually look back for the posts that I was interested in - around the time of the invasion of Iraq - I found that I'd been using LJ mostly at that time anyway. I was discussing that period last night and I wanted to make sure that it had been quite as obvious that all of the justifications were bollocks as I had remembered it being, and yes, it was. I came across a particularly choice quote from Colin Powell:

Responding to remarks by chief weapons inspector Hans Blix that his teams had not yet found a smoking gun in their six weeks of inspections in Iraq, Powell told NBC News, "The lack of a smoking gun does not mean that there's not one there."

Colin Powell. Whatever happened to him? I remember that at one stage he was considered "the decent Republican", despite the whole "lying to justify war" thing, which shows you how desperate people were at the time.

Anyway, it also reminded me that I used to be a current affairs blogger, which isn't something that I feel a great urge to go back to now, but it would be nice to have the energy to be able to do that these days - though I am fooling myself if I think I wasn't looking back in the same way at that point too and saying "oh god, when I look at my archives I was writing lots of really interesting, incisive stuff, why can't I do that now? woe is me".

A lot of my energy was diverted towards writing a Second Life blog (to which I will not link here, I try to keep the personas separate, it is mostly "in character" and wouldn't really mean a lot to anyone not regularly in SL; if you read my most recent NaNoWriMo and know a few SL blogs you might be able to pick it out) which distracted me from current affairs blogging, but honestly, you do get sick of quoting the same sources, complaining about the same things, over and over again. Some people have the energy and enthusiasm; good luck to them. Well, those of them who aren't twats.

I, however, have a low boredom threshold, which, incidentally, I've pretty much reached with the SL blog as well. It began as a record of my progress in learning LSL (Linden Scripting Language, the language that's used internally), then went a little more "in-character" when I started to develop an actual persona, then turned into a Second Life current affairs blog for a very short space of time and now, eh. I'm not really learning any more LSL - it's not a large language, I'm now just getting better at using what I know and integrating it with everything else, and the projects that I work on are mostly either too trivial to mention or too complex, and possibly secret anyway, to properly delineate.

As for the current affairs part, well, there are a lot of blogs out there which complain about the latest copyright scandal or the latest Linden Lab announcement but honestly that's even more tiresome than Westminster. I can't bring myself to rant about the evils of LL because clearly they're not evil - for a software company, LL is a paragon. Their errors are mostly those of omission and disorganisation, which can be incredibly frustrating when you see the same problems arising for the same reasons as they were three years ago and nothing has been learnt, and this may in fact turn out to be fatal in the long term ("long term" in virtual worlds and other edge internet technology being "a couple of years") but the very fact that age-old, consistent failures are involved means that by now I've said it all before in any case.

I did think of actually turning it into something completely basically fictional - writing my memoirs in character. That might be entertaining, and it might spark a few ideas for activities in SL that aren't work, because, you know, I've gotten a bit bored with those too.

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