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Jul. 27th, 2008 | 09:02 pm
music: bloody hell, something about property on Radio 4, bugger that

I actually used my Hipster PDA the other day. I did, honest - I was taking some notes on a big squared paper pad about some proposals for user interfaces (given that I had to look at mockups for the UIs on a screen, taking notes about them also on the screen would have been awkward) and I came up with a lot of random thoughts while I was writing, as I always do. So I wrote them on the index cards and scattered them around the pub table. So there.

Index cards Actually it isn't a real PDA at all, at least the one I have; it's a notebook with a few pages which are much thicker than usual and which you can rearrange and take out afterwards. I don't fold up calendars and lists and all that sort of stuff, and I do have a teeny Moleskine to write lengthy things in, but if I'm just writing individual items which need to be removed and stapled elsewhere, it works. I've managed to get over the "oh no I can't possibly waste nice index cards on trivial matters" thing by looking at my shelf and repeatedly telling myself that I have several hundred of the buggers which are doing absolutely nothing at the moment, which is quite true.

I was watching a YouTube today about GTD by somebody called... uh... heathervescent I think, where she was talking about the importance of feeling physically comfortable with whatever system you use to make notes and track tasks and organise yourself and, you know, that's quite right. It's the reason I moved from using Yojimbo for everything to using NoteBook for everything.

I spent ages trying to work out a clever system which would allow me to use Yojimbo, as it has all sorts of advantages by being Applescriptable and taggable and fileable and all that, but there was no point in denying it - I was enjoying using NoteBook more, and enjoying using Yojimbo less. I started to write a lengthy post on the matter, in which I analysed the precise reasons that I thought that this was the case, to do with "system agility vs system potential", in that using NoteBook I was able to use a different system to organise a project every time I opened a new page, as long as it was text-based and the organisation of it felt more intuitive, whereas with Yojimbo I was more constrained by whatever system I had set up and had to follow it if I ever wanted to find anything again.

I won't bore you with that though; I'll just say, if you have more fun using a particular application to do things than another one, use the fun program. Or write it in crayon on the walls if it means you actually end up doing stuff. It's all about tricking yourself into doing things that you otherwise wouldn't, and if that means switching apps every month or perhaps buying a pack of multicoloured shiny stars and "awarding" yourself them in a paper notebook when you come up with something particularly good (which I also do), get with it. You'll work out a way to find it again if you ever need it.

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from: anonymous
date: Jul. 29th, 2008 08:55 am (UTC)

Or you could just stop pratting about and do some work ... just a thought.

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